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MapOmega, Inc. is a Tech Company

We integrate solutions for Smart Factories/ Industry 4.0
Our tools allow people at all levels of decisions to work as a team, in real-time,
independently of distances, and without adding to the complexity of current systems.

MapOmega is the convergence of two different worlds:
An industrial world, with proven methods and tools for Efficiency, Productivity and Continuous Improvement, where we accumulated more than 25 years of experience worldwide.
A connected world, reducing distances, decreasing cycle times, collecting continuously large quantities of data, where we accumulated 5 years of experience deploying state-of-the art technologies for a multitude of specific applications on the field.

Our Solutions incorporate the automation of proven methodologies with scalable Databases, deployed over platforms running all Internet Technologies, on a state-of-the-art Cloud Infrastructure, and with full Mobile Connectivity.

We built our expertise working on great Projects:


  • OUR MISSION: To integrate proven methodologies with experienced talents and new technologies, to create innovative solutions in management.
  • OUR PLAN: To bring real-time visibility on critical processes for a better quality of decisions at all Level.
  • OUR VISION: A world of processes, integrated and scalable, that generate value in a safer work environment, and with a minimum waste.

We are experts

in real-time

Process optimization


MapOmega's Systems are modular and scalable, to be deployed at the Operator’s level,
and consolidated at Management’s level and Higher Administration’s level.
"Value is migrating away from the physical and more toward the data and insights generated from a
combination of the physical, software, and services (Scaling up XaaS/ Deloitte Insights, 09/30/19)"

MapOmega - Process Gauge

PROCESS GAUGES are high-tech interactive web tools, modular and scalable, designed to evaluate risks in real-time, and to allow decision makers to address priorities.

MapOmega - Interactive Maps

MapOmega has developed and validated proprietary tools, methods and techniques, to build standard interactive Process Maps across entire organizations, accessible via web or mobile.


An initial customization is part of an integrated solution that results in an Interactive Map and at least one Process Gauge.
It is typically deployed in 4 steps:
1. PARAMETERIZATION and organization of critical processes,
2. Definition of CONTROLS and RISKS LEVEL (FMEA),
3. INTEGRATION to local DATABASES related to the controls of the process.
4. TRAINING for the users.


We offer custom modules to analyze and communicate trends, bottlenecks, improvement of cycles, heat maps of risks and wastes.
MapOmega collects and organizes data objectively by Processes, making data readily available for analysis.
Other solutions require selecting data by layers from different data sources. An extra step of organization is then needed. It results in a subjective and less efficient analysis.


We have been there before.

From copper mines in Chile, in the dryness of the Atacama Desert, to crystal clear white rooms at car bumpers' factories in Michigan or facing the brutal forces of steelmaking in Brazilian facilities, we have been there before.


Having invested many years of our time in the field, we learned to listen to people's needs, from bottom up. With them we developed and validated our methods.
MapOmega is the Automation of these methods.

We KNOW your needs

ROI is built on Productivity (Managers) and Efficiency (Workers), without jeopardizing Safety, Health, Environment and Customer's satisfaction.

We OWN a proven Methodology

Based on DMAIC (Six Sigma), we developed and validated our own tools to gather data on critical controls, analyze their potential of risks in real-time and deliver back the result of the analysis.
We want to bring a common visibility of processes across all levels of decisions, to promote a synergy of immediate actions locally and remotely. This is real-time Continuous Improvement.

We believe in TECHNOLOGY as an evolution

We love KPIs, but most of them are delayed and take valuable resources to consolidate and communicate. Actions come always too late, based on subjective interpretations, with no possibilities of preventive actions.
An Interactive Process Gauge is a high-tech tool delivering information 100% objective, in real-time.
Controls are verified or not.
Risks are present or not.
Actions are straightforward.


Months of activity


Interactive Maps


Processes Parameterized


Hard Workers

The Process Gauge

A real-time evaluation of potentials of failures present in a process,
allows decision-makers at all levels to act faster, locally or remotely,
to avoid ACCIDENTS and WASTES.

The Process Gauge: A High-Tech Tool

MapOmega's Process Gauges are high-tech, simple and powerful visual management tools, designed to control critical processes remotely and in real-time.
They display potentials of failures, anywhere within a process.

Process Gauges are designed to follow-up on priorities, remotely.

They create a synergy of actions, based on real-time information,
common to all levels of decision


A Process Gauge has many benefits over the traditional method of collecting and analyzing data:

Data is collected in an organized process, analyzed objectively and shared in real-time, as common information across all decision-levels, and at a minimum cost.

It differs from current approach, when data is collected from layers of data, consolidated at different levels by functions, analyzed subjectively and reported several hours, or days later, consuming valuable resources and time.

DATA CONSISTENCY: Data organized objectively in PROCESSES is more RELIABLE and CONSISTENT than data organized in themes as data layers, by different business functions, and at mismatched times.

STANDARDIZATION: It is KEY to SCALABILITY, and results in an integrated Database of processes/ activities/ materials/ requirements/ failure modes, CONSISTENT across all the organization.

COMMUNICATION: A standardized communication tool removes silos of information and allows better synergy between all decision makers.

SCALABILITY: START from a single activity, GROW to an entire process, SCALE to an operation and AGGREGATE into a group of operations, starting from anywhere, when and if needed.

PREVENTIVE APPROACH: Controls are verified of not. Missing controls can be detected more easily: Observed effects that lack a proper risk evaluation are good indications of missing controls.


REAL-TIME PROCESS GAUGES are state-of-the-art technological tools, built to bring visibility on all critical processes and across all decision-levels, for a synergy of immediate actions, locally or remotely.

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  • Gauge
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Air Cargo

A Process Gauge to control priorities in Real-Time the multiple activities coordinated for Arrivals and Departures

ATL Interactive Map

Atlanta Hartsfield Airport Map showcases some of the key technical capabilities of MapOmega Map Maker:
Precise Overlays, Clear icons, share any location, 100% mobile.

Air Cargo

A Process Gauge to control priorities in Real-Time the multiple activities coordinated for Arrivals and Departures


Products and Services

MapOmega systems are designed to maximize the impact on ROI, bringing real-time visibility on processes to all levels of decisions.
Our tools are built to deliver the right information to the right person, at the right time.

Interactive Process Map

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  • Custom icons for Workstations/ Shops
  • Paths, Routes & Directions
  • Push delivery/ Geofence
  • Full Interactive Legend
  • Admin interface/ Panic button
  • Web & Mobile/ Password protected
  • Share Locations on the web


Bookan online DEMO

  • Generation of KPIs in real-time
  • Root causes for failures
  • Bottlenecks
  • Optimization of Cycle Times
  • Concentration of risks (Heat Charts)
  • Identification of Sources of waste
  • Optimization of routes of materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Please, contact us for more info.

  • No, we are a technology company. We create, develop and implement high-tech tools for efficiency and productivity.
    The implementation of these tools requires an initial customization's phase, on site.

    An initial customization's phase requires a consulting approach, to capture the client's precise needs to adjust our product and deliver standard, custom tools, 100% integrated to the client's processes and its management culture.

  • Yes, they are. In fact, they are designed to be scalable, to be able to collect data at the shop floor, then to consolidate to the Managers' level and finally to consolidate to the Higher Administration's level.
    A PROCESS GAUGE is the ultimate tool for standardization, organizing processes to give an OVERALL picture of priorities, in real-time and at each level, of all critical processes in an organization.

  • Yes, for sure! MapOmega is built for standardization. All pieces are independent and scalable.
    Interactive Process Maps can be reutilized for different purposes. For example: a Safety Process Gauge can be added at the top of the same map used by Logistics or Production. Each support area can have its own Process Gauge based on the same initial Interactive Process Map.

  • Yes, it is, and is critical to MapOmega.
    Maps are powerful visual tools, able to display complex information easily and fast. However, if there is too much information on a map, it becomes time consuming.
    MapOmega uses the Map as an interface to capture and organize processes.
    The most significant aspect of this visual approach is the consistency of data collected for each individual control. The verification of this consistency is straightforward on the map, and of course, on the Process Gauge.

  • Yes, they are. Data is NEVER collected at the map level. Processes are designed on the server-side.

  • We love KPIs.
    Differently from KPIs, that are mostly delayed, MapOmega's Process Gauges are built to deliver an analysis in REAL-TIME on potential of failure, for a specific activity within a specific process.