We develop
Direct Information Devices (DID)
to reduce accidents and
optimize resources.

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Direct Information Device

What is a Direct Information Device?

A DID is a virtual device to promote optimization of processes, through decentralization and standardization of information.

Think of power plugs and sockets.

They are standard because standardization IS optimization.
At all workstations, in all processes and in all businesses, energy is consumed through standard power plugs and sockets, to transform an input value into:

  • Output values, against Specifications

  • Output data in multiple dimensions

  • ... where output values and output data are directly correlated.

This correlation is information.

System Concept

Added Value

In most processes, value to the customer
is added at workstations.
It flows from one workstation to the next
in a PERIODIC sequence of transformation steps.


At each step, data is created in correlation
with value, and in multiple dimensions.


As an example, the correlation of
# of personal incidents (data)
with # Worked Hours (value),
translates into a standard information
in the Safety Dimension:
Incidents rates/ 1.000.000 Worked Hours

A decentralized concept to reach optimization through standardization of information.

A DID collects data at a unique location and stores it as standard information in one dimension of analysis.

Because a standard is efficient at sharing information across an organization, a standard information is quickly consolidated at all levels of decisions and scaled to the entire organization.

Also, a standard information is standard across workstations, processes, departments, businesses of all sizes and sectors. It allows to make evaluations such as currency is standard, to compare different processes or different Businesses together, in a Financial dimension.

At MapOmega, we call our decentralized concept...

... a BOTTOM-UP approach.

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The Safety Cross is MapoMega's first DID, developed to validate our bottom up, decentralized concept.

  • Incidents Log/ Management/ Geolocator
  • Working Hours
  • Records:
    • Fatalities,
    • Recordables,
    • Lost Time,
    • First Aid,
    • Environmental Damages,
    • Material Damages
  • Charts for Incidents Rates/ Worked Hours
  • History of incidents, queries, reports
  • Print, Share on Social Media, Intranet, LCD displays
  • Fully mobile, real-time updates, access with a link/ QR code

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Top-Down vs Bottom-Up solutions

Why MapOmega's Bottom-Up solution is different from current Top Down solutions?

Pre-Cloud's Top-Down approach

A commercial system is customized by the vendor and deployed by a consulting firm, starting at the upper management all the way down to the shop floor, and after Management's approvals, budget and CAPEX allocations.

Customization is heavy by default, scalability and upgrades are expensive on time and internal resources. Deployment is on the long term for cost amortization.

The integrity and usability of data collected depends on the quality of implementation.
The standard enforces a systematic invariance to the integrity and usability of data, at the input level.

MapOmega's Bottom-up approach.

A standard DID is setup at no cost by the shift's supervisor or end user. It integrates immediately into the organizational network of standard DIDs, to collect, to consolidate and to share standard information across the organization, in a single dimension of analysis.

There is no customization. Standardization and scalability are native, and both are as easy as to drag and drop two DIDs together on a screen. Updates in technologies are automatic.


(*) DID available: Safety Cross.
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